My time is valuable as is yours. I am a quality provider and very selective with whom I spend my time.  Not everyone who wishes to spend time with me is someone I wish to spend time with.


Four hour meetings or more are for dinner, bars or other entertainment plans followed by alone time. Please do not expect me to stay confined in a room for that many hours...  ​​​​​​​​​


I invest a great deal of time, energy and resources in preperation for our date whether we are meeting for one hour or for several. When cancellations occur, often they bring into question the solidarity of your intentions as well as the level of respect you have for my business.


While I understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that keep you from our scheduled time together, 24 hours notice is required to avoid a cancellation fee. If a 24 hour notice can't be given a cancellation fee of 25% of the donation for our meeting is required.


While I use reporting sites sparingly and only for the most egregious of offenses, cancelling without paying the fee will force me to add you to those lists. Thank you so much for your understanding.





Please provide the website and email of at least two reputable companions you have spent time with.


If you do not have companion references, I may accept employment screening. Along with your full legal name, provide your company’s name and website, and your position/title. I will have you send me an email from your business address to a discreet, unpublished email. You will have to pay a deposit in advance.


Once I have been able to verify you I will send an email letting you know that we can proceed with booking an appointment. Rest assured that I respect your privacy and would never share any information you give me or use any information for any other purposes outside of screening. Once we've had our first visit together, you will never again need to be screened for your return visit. I do appreciate your understanding and patience!!

1hr Tryst*


1.5hr Introduction


2hr Rendezvous


3hr Champagne Date


4hr Dinner Date


6hr Night on the Town


12hr Overnight*


24hr Indulgence*


Weekend Getaway*


Please reload

*Returning friends only.

A 25% deposit is required:


~When I am touring/visiting any city outside Cleveland.


~For appointments 3hrs or longer.


~if you do not have provider references.

*Deposits are payable via Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

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